Our Vision


MICTES vision is to be a LEADING INSTITUTE in the country for its distinguished teaching in Creative Technologies and Entrepreneurial Studies.


Our Mission


MICTES aspires to generate leading edge in disseminating knowledge;


·         In product and service innovations,


·         In identifications of new opportunities and suitable activities that particularly suits our communities,


·         In innovative ways for producing or ordering new products or services and


·         In innovative means of securing resources


Shared Values




·        Striking to an agreement,


·        Seeing a project through to its completion even when the going gets tough.




·        Being honest and trustful with yourself and especially with others.




·        The voluntary act of  holding oneself accountable  for ones own actions.




·        Collegiality means more than just getting along with people.


·        It means being a responsible  citizen of MICTES




·        Leadership is an influence of a conviction and responsibility a team establishes.




·        Excellence entails giving your very best in every endeavor you undertake.