Who we are?


MICTES, The institute of creative technologies and entrepreneurial studies is one among the best College in the Country. In these nearest days, the college becomes visible as an academic institution which performs different responsibilities as an academic institution.


The College performs the following major activities among others, daily;


·        Extension Services


·        Consultancy Services:


·        Research:


·        Short Courses:


All these together, the college fulfills is goal on making its vision and mission applicable to students and community at large.




Historical Background


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College Board


The College Board will be the main arm of MICTES. Among others, the board has the following power;


a.      To administer the college funds and asset


b.     To appoint officers or signify one


c.      To plan and control the college resources


d.     The board has absolute decision on all matter related to the College activities and functions




Members of the College Board:


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Administrative Chart


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Dear Student,

Welcome to Mictes, and welcome to our community of students embarking on this unique educational journey!

Together with your tutors and student peers, you are the future in global education. As a student body, you all have come from different paths representing students from numerous countries around the world – both developing and developed. For the next several years you will share a virtual classroom and be a part of our shared academic community.

Education at Mictes is based on three fundamental principles.

Ø  The first is inclusion—access to college education should be a right for all, not a privilege for the few.

Ø  The second principle is peer learning and the belief that we all have something to learn and something to share: as a Mictes student, you will be expected to contribute, act responsibly and respect both your tutors and classmates.

Ø  The third principle is that improvement of the world begins with the individual: Mictes will not merely provide you with a college education, but the building blocks to create a better life, community and world. Success ultimately lies in your own hands and your commitment to being an active participant at this institution.

I am proud to lead this academic community and I encourage you to be actively involved and dedicated as you take this unique opportunity in realizing your educational dreams.

Good luck and much success,

Mvukiye R. R
Mvukiye R. R


If this is your first time visiting Mictes’s website, welcome to the College.

It’s a great time to be at Mictes. With terrific career-focused programs in high-demand professions, the most pathways to leading universities and flexible learning options, we are proud of the high-quality education and support services our great faculty and staff offer our students.

We also value community, building bridges and networks within Mictes and throughout the world.

Outstanding academic programs, a global perspective and a strong community — we are building a different kind of school with a different kind of graduate.

I’m delighted to be part of this community. I’m delighted that you’re here too.

Simwanza, E.T
Simwanza, E.T

Director Of StudiesMessage


 Students come to Mictes with diverse ambitions and dreams – preparing for their chosen career, continuing their education, or transitioning into a new job. Whichever path our students select, our goal is to ensure that a Mictes education opens the doorway to great opportunities.


Our exciting and innovative Strategic and Academic plans are our commitment to great teaching and learning, great student experiences and great foundations — commitments we are proud to undertake on behalf of our students.


Our students prepare for a life of learning in a world that continues to change with increasing speed. We strive to graduate active and engaged citizens, ready for leadership in their careers and their communities. With outstanding faculty and staff, excellent academic programs, a global perspective and a strong community, Mictes is helping our students become those leaders.


Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-time Mictesian, it’s my pleasure on behalf of the College Board to warmly welcome you to this website. I invite you to experience first-hand why Mictes should be considered as a leader in post-secondary education.

Simwanza, E.T